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Monday, April 15, 2013

Trading Rules SESE SKYLINE

  1. Transaction Volume
  2. Starting form 0.01 – 10 lot.
  3. Deposit & Withdrawal
  4. Deposit  24 hours a day (5 day works).
    Withdrawal  08.30 – 15.00 everyday (5 day works).
    Deposit & Withdrawal 59 minutes after email/BBM confirmation has been accepted.
    Wrong email confirmation including data or PIN is totally rejected. SESE SKYLINE commits to pay a fined for every withdrawal process above 59 minutes.                                                           
  5. Deposit Bonus
  6. Deposit bonus occuring for every deposit transaction.
    Deposit bonus is 30 % from your deposit transaction.               
    Deposit bonus is money applicable after (Your total deposit / 1 X Lot SS ) lot transaction.                                                                                                            
    Example :
    Deposit $ 100  
    Deposit Bonus 30 % X $ 100 = $ 30   
    Total equity = $ 100 + $ 30 = $ 130

    Deposit Bonus $ 30 money applicable after :  
    Your total deposit /1 X Lot SESE SKYLINE 
    $ 100/1 X 1 lot SESE SKYLINE = 100 lot SESE SKYLINE 
    100 lot SS = 100 lot reguler = 1000 lot mini = 10000 lot micro.
    Deposit bonus will be forfeited in any withdrawal case. 
  7. Platform Trading
  8. Platform trading is meta trader version 4 ( meta 4 ) compatible with OS Windows, Android, IPad, IPhone and Windows Mobile (PDA).
  9. Swap
  10. No swap in all SESE SKYLINE account.
  11. Spread
  12. Spread is applicable based on system.
    Spread measurements is depend on their pair trading.
    Fixed spread.
  13. Fee
  14. No fee in major SESE SKYLINE accounts.
  15. Margin Ratio
  16. Margin requirement is an investor obligations.
    Margin Requirement each lot for over night in Hangseng and Kospi index is Micro $ 30,
    Mini $ 300, Regular $ 3 000, Platinum 0,Titanium 0, SKYLINE ++.
    Position with less Margin Requirement is given time to top up until 18.00 (in same day).
    Positionwith less Margin Requirement till 18.00 will be liquidated by system.
    Position Margin Requirement for overnight but still use for trading another pair will be suspended and liquidated by system.
  17. Transfer Position
  18. SESE SKYLINE is providing transfer position from another broker to SESE SKYLINE.
    Transfer position is exactly same with before.
    Transfer position period is 1 X 24 hours.
  19. Switching Lock Position
  20. SESE SKYLINE is providing switching lock position from another broker to SESE SKYLINE.
    Switching lock position is reversal with before (in previous broker locking loss, switching lock position to SESE SKYLINE become locking profit).
    Switching lock position period is 1 X 24 hours.
  21. Pending Order, Stop Loss and Take Profit
  22. Pending Order, Stop Loss and Take Profit should be attach by investor.
    Pending Order, Stop Loss dan Take Profit will be cleaned for each period (Asian index daily, forex and commodities weekly).
    Pending Order, Stop Loss, Take Profit, attachment and execution is an investor responsibility.
  23. Scalping
  24. Scalping is allowed.
    Scalping poin is allowed, time scalping is prohibited.
    Every transactions which new and liquid position less under 5.5 minutes, will be void.
  25. Expert Advisor dan Robot
  26. Expert Advisor and Robot is allowed.
    Expert Advisor dan Robot is allowed with terms when the account online.
    Expert Advisor dan Robot is prohibited doing transactions when the account offline and the result is all transactions will be void.
  27. Auto cut
  28. Auto cut by system is happening when equity touch down level 55% from margin requirement.
    Auto cut by system is automatically and mutatis mutandis for all pair trading.
    Auto cut by system is indespensability.
  29. Return of Investment (ROI) dan Fixed Income
  30. Return of Investment (ROI) is differ on each investor.
    Return of Investment (ROI) depend on trading effectivity by their own.
    Fixed Income in Sese Skyline is not exist.
    Fixed income with the name of SESE SKYLINE by everyone or every corporate is not affiliated with SESE SKYLINE.
    SESE SKYLINE never gives any agreement (especially written agreement) in Fixed Income and High Yield Return of Investment (HYIP) case.
  31. PAMM
  32. PAMM with the name of SESE SKYLINE by everyone or every corporate is not affiliated with SESE SKYLINE.
    Sese Skyline never gives any agreement (especially written agreement) in PAMM case by everyone or every corporate with the name of SESE SKYLINE.
  33. Force majeure
  34. Every position when in war, rush, public chaotic and disaster that strictly influenced on that country including boom quote by system will be void.
  35. Trading Rules Effective Time
  36. Trading Rules Effective Time is starting from 10 November 2012.
  37. Additional Rules
  38. Everything outside the trading rules is not means can be done.
    Every interpretation is allowed and based on law jurisdiction in generally and SESE SKYLINE rules in specifically.
  39. Trading Contest
  40. Trading contest is opened for each investor.
     Trading Contest Reward is real money and equity.
    Trading Contest Collect data is occurring between email from investor & only.
    Trading Contest further information please contact

  41. IB, Master IB, VVIB & White Label
  42. SESE SKYLINE is opening the chance and challenge for every body in this sector to join us for becoming “Tuan Rumah Di Negara Kita Sendiri, INDONESIA”. For further informations please contact .          

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